Most Memorable Experiences

The two most memorable experiences I had this semester were the New York City trip and my work in the dark room. The New York City trip was exceptionally memorable because in addition to just being a lot of fun with some really great people, I learned a lot as well. I learned that I really enjoy street photography and capturing busy scenes and freezing action. I learned that I enjoy challenging myself to find new and creative ideas and push myself past what everyone else is doing. I learned to work with different subjects that were maybe a little outside of my comfort zone, like landscape or blurred motion pictures of cabs. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the city and seeing so many different cultures blended together. There was a lot of exposure to different mediums of art, when we toured the New Museum was a particular example of this. And more than that there was just so much art all around us that it just really inspired me and gave me great ideas. 

The other most memorable ex…

Assignment I am Most Proud Of

The assignment I am most proud of would have to be my self portrait biweekly assignment. I am most proud of this assignment because I spent a lot of time on it. I planned out the different shoots and used inspiration from Pinterest and other sources. I spent a lot of time and re-shot almost every image at least once but usually more so that I made sure I had the perfect image. This assignment challenged me because I didn't have a wireless remote shutter release at the time so the images were all done using the self timer on the camera. Because of this after every shot I had to go back and set the camera up again. This forced me to really slow down and think about every image I was taking. I payed a lot of attention to color as well and tried to make the blues of my dress work with the blues of the blanket and the reds of my shirt with the green of the grass. This was the assignment I definitely spent the most time on and I'm really happy for it and really happy with the end r…

Dancing Flames in Progress pt.2

At this stage in my work I've been trying to work with getting my model separated from the background. I've been doing this using the lasso tool to cut out a section of the model that I want and then I've used the eraser to cut out the extra bits. I've played around with four or five different model image to try and figure out which one will look best and I've settled on this image above. It's been hard to try and get the cut out perfect because it's hard to use the mouse and track pad on my computer as well as the drawing pad but I've been having an easier time the last few times and it's been getting easier to use the drawing pad. I've discovered the best way to hold my hand over the drawing board to get the best results in moving the mouse and how to use the drawing pad not only for edits but also just navigating my screen. Once I was able to figure out how to move my hand around the pad in the best way, it was a lot easier to erase around t…

Dancing Flames in Progress

So far working on this project has taught me a lot of patience. I went into this a little ignorant about the amount of time that would be needed to complete this well. I wasn't expecting it to take me ten minutes but I also didn't think that three classes later I would only be this far into it. I've also learned about all of the different ways to do one effect. For example the fog I created in my image. When I googled how to create fog like this there were no less than 10 different ways to do it and those were just the first things that came up without my looking deeper. This has also taught me, similar to learning different ways to do the same effect, how specific you can be in your editing. I can really manipulate the image and warp it in so many ways to get the exact look I want. It's really interesting to see how many little tweaks I can make that change the image just right.  At this stage I have questions about how to combine to images a little better. The brick…

Dancing Flames with Photoshop

Purpose: How to play with fire and manipulate images together using brush, masking, special extracting and retouching techniques. As well as adjusting colors and lighting to create an interesting scene.

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Self Portrait

They told me to love myself but then called me vain when I did They told me to not fear the mirror to love it but looked at me in disgust when I did They told me I was pretty  but I wasn't allowed to tell myself They got annoyed when I didn't like how I looked but angry when I did Love yourself Hate yourself there was no winning Someone was always unhappy


April showers bring may flowers
that part the rain and usher in the new season
May flowers with the color
that fills the fields
and dot the hillsides
May flowers that
decorate the yards and sidewalks
May flowers that bring the bees
with their sweet humming
May flowers that brighten our days