Biweekly #5 "Hipster Instagram"

It was a part of how he identified himself. How he viewed himself. How others viewed him. His persona was well crafted, carefully sculptured. It was almost an art. A craft. Painstaking detail went into every aspect, much like a sculpture, on marble. Every angel was calculated and thought out, every fold in the clothing just, perfect. He had started much like a block of marble. Plain. Boring. And then, systematically, each feature was throughout and carved, one hit at a time. Until it was just, perfect. The thing was though, much like an artist, he never stopped seeing the flaws. Everyone saw beauty and he only saw the imperfections. Unlike an artist whose work was sent off to a gallery, a final finished product never to be altered again, he stayed by his work. Himself. He saw it every day, he saw the flaws every day. And was always trying to change them to be just, perfect.

Biweekly "Snapchat"

The older generations look at the modern social media most often with distaste and misunderstanding. They see the self confident posts as arogance and mistake the use of technology as meaning we're shallow and unable to interact face to face. What they don't see is that its a new era of communication. When they were kids and started using the cell phone their grandparents were most likley looking at them thinking that calling each other was cutting out personal interactions. It's hard to adapt to large changes and a shift in the very way you were brought up but that doesn't make it any less valid a way of living. It doens't make us milenials shallow or uneducated or self obsorbed because we are taking advantage of the new forms of communication and embracing the normalities of our time. In a few decades we'll be looking at our kids and their technology and thinking how different it is from what we grew up with. But that won't make them worse off for it. It…

Power Of Photography: Public Service Announcement: Texting and Driving

Public Service Announcement: Texting and Driving
When you chose to text and drive you are not only risking your, life but the life of everyone on the road with you. While you might not care if you make it to your destination, other people don't feel the same way. Waiting those extra few minutes to check a text is all it would take to help reduce the 1.6 million crashes caused each year by texting and driving. No text is so important you can't wait. Don't become just another statistic or a cautionary tale. 

Every day 11 teens die from a texting and driving related accident. 94% of teens agree that it is not safe to text and drive but 35% do it anyways. However, teens aren't the only ones texting and driving. While 35% of teens report texting and driving even though they know it's wrong, 82% of adults ages 25-39 text and drive. 72% of adults 40-49 text and drive. In the United States, 1 out of every 4 crashes is texting related. It's something that can be easily p…


It was nothing more than a color to some. To her, it was all the beauty of the world. Sewn together into one, perfect reflection of life. It was the prettiest of all things. It was the first thing she saw when she walked into a room. It dominated the room and her surroundings. It was perfection.


Some people liked to stop and smell the roses
I liked to stop and see the curves
The slopes
The twists
The turns
The breaking of the ordinary
The manipulating of the space
The softness of slants
The gentleness of edges
The infinite cycle
The push and pull
The folds
The intricacy
The simplicity
The daring
The basic
The complex
Some people liked to stop and smell the roses
I liked to stop and see the curves

New York City Trip

This entirety of the New York City trip was amazing and such a great experience. If I HAD to chose the top three highlights of the trip I would have to say number one on the list would be our time spent at the International Center for Photography. It was an amazingly powerful experience. The artists used digital mediums such as video and photography to bring awareness to very serious issues in our global community. The exhibits touched on global warming, the refugee crisis, LGBTQ issues, racial injustices and the state of Afganistan and the issues faced there every day. It was an incredibly engaging presentation of information. There was an audio component to almost every video which made it all the more interesting and powerful.

The second best part was seeing Rockefeller center. Though we didn't stay for long the exquisitely bright colors of the flags lining the ice rink were really beautiful, in my opinion, the most beautiful thing we saw while there. It was so bright and lovel…


It wasn't something he expected to happen. To become an architect. He had always planned to be a doctor or a lawyer. His parents had always planned for him to be a doctor or a lawyer. It wasn't until his first time in New York City that he realized what he really wanted to do. It wasn't until he first walked those crowded streets, and looked up at those tall tall buildings that he fell in love for the first time. Looking up at those buildings, those masterpieces carved into the sky he knew. He wanted to leave his mark on the world like that. He wanted to be able to point to something bigger than life and say, "That was all me." He wanted to inspire and awe. And that's exactly what he did.